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Winter chores at our B&B in the Algarve of Portugal

26-01-2013 posted by O Tartufo

In the winter months we have our B&B completely to ourselves and that gives us a lot of time to do a great number of smaller and larger chores and odd jobs. We will open for the new season on the 15th of March 2013, but who thinks that the owners of a Bed and Breakfast can sit back and relax until then is mistaken.

Every winter we compile a large to-do list and every time we pick one of those things to do. But, it’s not all work of course. We roam the Algarve to visit local markets and are always on the look out for new and interesting places for our guests to visit. That way, we can advise our guests even better in the new season.

How about a little insight view in what we have done the past two weeks? One of the things that was prominently featured on our list was to paint both double rooms with private living rooms. We have stripped the old paint completely and have now painted it in a warm off-white. It’s amazing to see what a bit of fresh paint can do! Soon we will add a few extra details to the rooms, like small works of art, for the finishing touch.

And, let us not forget our favourite job of the past few weeks. The scratches on our hands will not let us forget that one! On the courtyard there is a wall that we had never been able to paint before, because a large bougainville brush was covering it. A bougainville is a creeper plant with an amazing amount of flowers when it blooms. It was so dense that we could not reach the wall behind it, but we have recently pruned it and this season the plant has only few leaves. Unfortunately, the big thorns do not fall off and they have let us know they are there. But, like the last job, it really helped improve the look of our B&B and now we are hoping that it shoots back and gets flowers again soon.

For today we have picked a job that needs a bit of muscle power. The grit around the palm tree in the courtyard needs replacing and we have ordered 3000 kilo’s of nice new grit to replace it. This will take quite a few rides with the wheel barrow to move the small stones from the front of the house to the courtyard of our Bed and Breakfast. Care to venture a guess how many rides it took?

For now we will continue with the odd chores and enjoy the way it is making everything a bit more beautiful, one job at a time. We are looking forward to receive guests again and to show them around at O Tartufo.

See you soon! Michelle & Theo

3000 kilo of fresh grit is delivered to our B&B in the Algarve  The courtyard at our Bed and Breakfast in Portugal is looking fresh againCourtyard of our Bed and Breakfast in the Algarve

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