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Guestbook 3.0 launched

24-03-2013 posted by O Tartufo
B&B O Tartufo in the Algarve of Portugal has three different types of guestbooks, every year we seem to make a new one smiley

The first guestbook can be found in the hallway of the Quinta. It is a little doorframe and you can leave a written message on the door itself.

The second guestbook can be found on the courtyard, near the old bread oven. You can either pick a sea shell from the tray, or use a sea shell that you have found yourself. Use one of the markers to leave your message for future guests!

The third and newest addition to our guestbook series requires a bit more work, but is really nice when completed. You can find old frames of paintings on the covered terrace of the courtyard. This guestbook idea consists of 2 parts:
- The 1st part is to find a nice spot near our B&B and to take one (or more) frames with you. Take an original picture of yourself, your family or group. We can even help you with taking the picture.
- The 2nd part is to upload your picture to our Facebook page or send it to us after your holidays and we will upload it for you. That way you can share your picture with all your friends and family!

B&B O Tartufo in the Algarve launches new type of guestbook

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