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Beautiful Beaches of the Algarve

10-04-2013 posted by O Tartufo
The Algarve has many beautiful beaches. In the east Algarve you will find the long white sandy beaches and various islands. In the western part of the Algarve the coastline is rocky and you will find many smaller beaches and little bays with great views.

Our B&B is situated east of Faro and therefore in the East Algarve. In the last few years we have tested many beaches for you (yes, that is very hard work) and these beaches are the most beautiful and our favourites.

Praia do Barril:Anchors at Praia do Barril near Tavira, Algarve, Portugal
Praia do Barril is situated between our B&B and Tavira. This beach can be reached with a small bridge where you cross the lagoon and then you can take a diesel train for 1 kilometer or walk this distance. It is a beautiful long white beach with a few restaurants and toilet facilities. Here you will find the famous anchors you’ll see on the pictures of Tavira. Read more about the beautiful beach of Praia do Barril near Tavira.

Fuseta Beach:
Ilha Fuseta or Armona, the island near Fuseta with its beautiful white sandy beachFuseta has a nice small beach, which you can reach without crossing to the island. There is a kiosk for some drinks and ice cream. But, the larger and more beautiful beach is on the island. You can take the ferry across to Ilha Armona - also named Ilha Fuseta - where you can relax on a white sandy beach. You can rent beds and get refreshments on the island during the main season. You can buy ferry tickets near the ferry, across the street. Tickets cost €1,60 for a roundtrip. Read more about Fuseta Beach

Tip: the people selling tickets very near to the ferry are from a different company and they charge a lot more. Be sure to find the right tickets across the street in a wooden building.

Cabanas de Tavira:Cabanas de Tavira beach in the east Algarve of Portugal
Cabanas de Tavira is situated 7 kilometres east from Tavira. From Cabanas you take a small fishing boat to the other side (normally it costs around €1,50 for a roundtrip) and you will find a beautiful long white beach where you can rent beds and get refreshments on the island during the main season.  The town of Cabanas has a long boulevard with many good fish restaurants.

Read more about the beach of Cabanas de Tavira

Ilha de Tavira:
The island of Tavira, Ilha de Tavira, is the largest island of the east Algarve. It can be reached by boats that leave from the small port in the centre of Tavira. There are restaurants on the island and even a busy campsite is opened during summer.

Beaches near Olhão:
From Olhão you can take a few ferries to the islands of Armona, Farol and Culatra for a relaxed day at the beach. These ferries only go a few times every day so make sure that you have a look at the departure times before heading out.

Beautiful beaches in the West Algarve, a bit further away from our Bed and Breakfast:

Praia Marinha near Porches, Portugal

Praia Marinha lies south of Porches, about 70 kilometres west of O Tartufo. This small beach has been called ‘one of the most emblematic and beautiful beaches of Portugal’ the Michelin Guide considers it as one of the 10 most beautiful beaches in Europe. The views from the beach are truly amazing. A visit to Praia Marinha is definitely a recommendation when you are staying with us.

Carvoeiro, 75 kilometres west from O Tartufo, is a little town with gorgeous bay views. In Summer it can be really busy, but it is a nice visit if you want to combine a bit of shopping with some time on the beach.

On the tip of Europe, between Sagres and the point of Cabo de São Vicente, you can find many small bays where you can swim and surf with breathtaking views of the rocky west coast. Also, perfect for Beach Combing

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