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Perseids 2013 - Star gazing at O Tartufo

03-08-2013 posted by O Tartufo
Every year around August it is time to watch the Perseids. The Perseids is an amazing meteor shower and around its peak you can see up to a 100 shooting stars per hour.

The meteors shooting through our atmosphere during this stellar event are so clearly visible that there is no need for a telescope. In fact, a telescope only narrows your view. Just lie down on the roof terrace of our B&B in the Algarve and relax. Try to take in as much sky as possible and start counting. Normally you would make a silent wish if you see a shooting star, but during the Perseids you could bring a wish list and start ticking the wishes off.

The Perseids started this year on July 17 2013 and the peak this year lies around August 11 and August 12. The best times for watching the Perseids is between 2 AM and 4 AM, but you don’t have to stay up that late. After 11PM the meteors will put on quite a show already.

Perseids 2013 - Star gazing at B&B O Tartufo

Image: Perseids of Summer
Credit & Copyright: Rick Scott & Joe Orman

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