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A Thank You note from Kiva

11-09-2014 posted by O Tartufo

Dear guests at O Tartufo,

we would like to share a nice note we received from Kiva today. As you may or may not know, we believe that by lending a fixed percentage of your room rate to small entrepreneurs around the world, to help them feed their families and grow their businesses, you'll have a more complete holiday.

As these loans are only possible because of you and your stay at our Bed and Breakfast, we would like you to read the note as well. Credit where credit is due.

At the end of every year we will update you on our team progress on our Foundation page. You can also have a look at our lending page on the Kiva website for a current overview of our loans. Thanks again to all of our guests and the team members of our lending team!

A Thank You note from Kiva to O Tartufo lending team

Hi Theo,
I’m Taylor Whitfield, Kiva’s Community Support Coordinator, just writing to introduce myself and extend a personal note of thanks.

As a former Kiva Fellow, I came to Kiva connected with the impact Kiva is making on borrowers. Now, I’m excited to connect with those who make all of our work possible: incredible, dedicated lenders like you!

I’ve been blown away by your commitment to Kiva, and want to just say thank you. If you ever need help or want to talk to someone at Kiva behind the website, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me.

Thanks again, Taylor

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