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Rolling up our sleeves

20-01-2015 posted by O Tartufo
As you know, O Tartufo closes for winter, but this does not mean that we are twiddling our thumbs here at our B&B. First, it is quite the operation to go into winter mode. We store all kinds of decorations and candles inside the main Quinta and this protects everything from humidity. Even all the beds and mattresses from our courtyard rooms are moved inside the main house, we want to preserve them as best we can. After this is done, it takes a while to get used to this new setting. We are so used to live at our B&B with guests and really miss everything. Where are all those lovely candles every night?

The good thing is that we get plenty of time to work around the house. The Algarve climate in winter is soft and we use the warmer days for outside jobs like painting and the wetter days for inside jobs like refurbishing furniture. It is a very nice feeling to prepare for next summer. What will new guests think and will returning guests see the changes that we have made? We are lucky with lots of help from parents (in law) and together we love taking on the challenge every winter!

The next big project is one that saddens us quite a bit. The huge pepper tree in our courtyard has to go. It is a lovely tree that gives a lot of shade and atmosphere, but the roots are destroying our pipelines and sewerage system. Anyone living in the Algarve abides to the rule that you shouldn't plant a pepper tree near your house, unfortunately the previous owners did not know that. It hurts to take out a perfectly healthy tree, but we try to see it as an opportunity to re-do the courtyard and make it even more wonderful.  After finishing this project we will certainly upload some pictures, keep an eye out for that.

Another thing we get to do in winter is go exploring. We are not even close to knowing everything there is to know about our new country and last November we traveled for three weeks across central and northern Portugal. We visited many places and came back inspired and full of new ideas. We're probably not very objective, but we are still to find a place as beautiful as our own little O Tartufo! We will continue our work this winter so we can open again in April. We are looking forward to a new season full of interesting guests!

Are you curious about B&B O Tartufo? Send us a reservation form and book your next holiday with us! We will make every effort to give you an unforgettable holiday!

Next week another Blog about... beach combing!

Michelle is painting at O Tartufo Winter jobs at our B&B

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