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What has been done during our renovation period

20-03-2011 posted by O Tartufo
After almost two months of hard work the end of our renovation period is near. Our goal was to make our bed and breakfast in Portugal even more beautiful than it already was and that has turned out better than we could have imagined. You can see the end result by taking a tour through our Bed and Breakfast.

At the start of a renovation like this you plan everything and you think you know what’s coming, but in reality you have no idea what you are really getting yourself into. Somewhere halfway through we thought the renovation would never be finished on time but suddenly we can see things coming together. Guest will be arriving soon and there is still a lot of work to be done. The work has now shifted towards things like painting and decorating and if we look back on the last seven weeks, wow, so many things have been done! Take a look at pictures or take a look at our rooms and prices

Here are some of the most important changes we made during the renovation period:
- Installing solar boilers for our hot water supply
- Completely new roof terrace
- Exterior walls plastered and painted
- Built two new bathrooms in the quinta
- All other bathrooms have received an upgrade
- All things concerning electrics have been replaced
- We have lowered the ceilings in parts of the quinta
- Fire protective thermal insulation was installed
- A new septic tank was constructed
- Outdoor and garden lighting improvements
- All beds and mattresses have been replaced
- All rooms have been refurbished

Bed and Breakfast Portugal completely renovated in 2011!

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