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To start a Bed and Breakfast, what a nice idea! :o)

19-04-2011 posted by O Tartufo
Wow, those were busy months. Everything went well with the renovation of our Bed and Breakfast here in the south of Portugal and now we are really open! This week is a good test for us, we are fully booked because it is a holiday week in many European countries.

But, before we head full speed into the future, we want to take a look at what happened in these last few months. Half a year ago we were still living in Spain and voiced our idea of possibly running a B&B in the near future. But, you don’t realize that things can go faster than you expect! We thought we would have to look at many properties and spend months (maybe more than a year) looking for the ideal spot. It is a weird feeling when you go and see your very first house in the Algarve of Portugal and immediately think: “This might be it!” We walked into the amazing green surroundings towards the main house and felt that we were about to see something special. The quinta and the courtyard hold a lot of double rooms, single rooms and even an apartment. Of course not everything turned out to be exactly the way we wanted it to be, but the possibilities were clear. Meeting the (now) previous owners for the first time was also positive and after a short period of negotiation we came to an agreement: the 31st of January 2011 was going to be the day we were going to sign the deeds! The clock towards our first summer season began ticking! Take a look at our surroundings

That date in January gave us the opportunity to say goodbye to our beloved Spain on the one hand, but also gave us a bit of time to start preparing for a renovation and setting up our Bed and Breakfast.
Our farewell from Spain was not an easy one, but at least we are happy we are not to far away. We already lived near the border of Portugal in the lovely town of Ayamonte and are now only about 35 miles away.
Preparing for our new adventure really took almost all of our attention and free time since then. You can hardly imagine all the things you have to do and along the way the "To do lists" were only growing longer and longer. You want to here a few ‘minor’ things? Okay okay, don’t twist our arms, there we go: to buy a house, to found a new company in a foreign country, build a website, apply for licenses, find a good and reliable contractor, visualize the work you want to do on the house, learn a new language again, export and import your cars (still on our to-do list!), see who else is doing what you want to do in your new area, etcetera, etcetera. This is only the tip of the iceberg, but hopefully with this short list you get an idea of the things you have to do when starting a new adventure like this. But, it’s not as bad or hard as it sounds, really. If you want something and really go for it, then there is a big chance that you will succeed before you know it. Anyone with similar plans who reads this must know we encourage you to do the same. Throw yourself in at the deep end and just do it!

For now, you can follow us through Social Media or have a look at our rooms and prices. Read more, in part 2, more about our renovation to make Bed and Breakfast O Tartufo into what it is now. Let’s already share with you that we really felt like one of the couples in those television series about emigration who start out by overconfidently saying straight into the camera: “We will do major renovations, but in two months we’ll be ready and we will be able to open, really!” smiley

New owners of Bed and Breakfast O Tartufo in the Algarve of Portugal escape renovation works and take a walk on the beach

Take a tour of our Bed and Breakfast in the Algarve!

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Enjoy your stay at Bed and Breakfast O Tartufo with some olives and ham
You will find many beautiful mosiacs at our B&B in the Algarve
Our garden in the Algarve has very old olive trees, up to 200 years old
Our favourite flowers at B&B O Tartufo are Bougainviellea
Bed and Breakfast O Tartufo in the Algarve has many many flowers
At our Bed and Breakfast Algarve we light candles every night, romantic!
Flowers in every colour at our B&B