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To start a Bed and Breakfast in the south of Portugal, what a nice idea! Part 2

11-07-2011 posted by O Tartufo
In Part 1 we have already given away a bit of our history and how we got to this new plan of starting a bed and breakfast in the south of Portugal. Whilst planning our renovation period we still could not believe that we had found the perfect spot within a month. More than that, it was the very first house we went to see by ourselves!

Looking back on our renovation period it feels like time flew by. Once you are out of the dust it is hard to remember how it was in those months. Luckily smiley

On paper any plan seems feasible, but it was a bit daunting to say the least. After a week or two of tearing things down and breaking things apart you start to doubt if you can ever rebuild it in time. We had a bit of extra pressure because we had guests booked and planned to arrive within two months of starting the renovation. It was time to speed things up and do so without lowering the quality of work. We are glad that Yves has a large workforce and quickly we found ourselves in the middle of our own buildingsite with 17 men, all working 6 days a week to help us finish our dream of opening our B&B near Moncarapacho in April 2011.

By the end of March we knew that our goals would be achieved and that we could start receiving guests. It was a great feeling to know that we did not bite off more than one could chew. Our Bed and Breakfast in the Algarve in the south of Portugal now had a completely new (and waterproof) roof terrace, all new electric wiring, new solar boilers, new septic tank, new plasterwork, etcetera etcetera. For a quick overview of what we have done to restore this beautiful Portuguese Quinta you can click the story what has been done during our renovation period.

Of course, all of this finished nearly 4 months ago. We are now working hard to make our dream a success and are really happy that guests from all over the world are finding our bed and breakfast on the internet. For those of you who have not been here yet we would like to say that you are always welcome to stay at O Tartufo, Bed and Breakfast in the Algarve of south Portugal.
You can browse the website or make life easy by taking a tour through our B&B!

Michelle and Theo toast to their new bed and breakfast in the algarve in the south of Portugal

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Enjoy your stay at Bed and Breakfast O Tartufo with some olives and ham
You will find many beautiful mosiacs at our B&B in the Algarve
Our garden in the Algarve has very old olive trees, up to 200 years old
Our favourite flowers at B&B O Tartufo are Bougainviellea
Bed and Breakfast O Tartufo in the Algarve has many many flowers
At our Bed and Breakfast Algarve we light candles every night, romantic!
Flowers in every colour at our B&B