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Morning Tangerines -- Guest Blog by Marius Hordijk

31-08-2011 posted by O Tartufo
It's been a long time since birds woke me up. I stretch, I yawn, and I walk out of our room in bare feet. It's been a long time too since I didn't go directly to the coffee machine. This time I have higher priorities. I walk through O Tartufo and get distracted by all sorts of plants and flowers but me and my sleepy head stick to our goal. I get to the back of the B&B and even manage to ignore the trampoline which is flirting with me. Not yet trampoline, I am on a mission. And besides, some things I really won't do before coffee. I wander into the land, my bare feet getting wet from the morning drops on the high grass. I search, and I find what I am looking for: a tangerine tree. What a day it must be, if I can walk in bare feet to a tree to pluck some fruit off, sit down and enjoy a fresh tangerine with a still weak morning sun on my face. I walk back, now ready for a cup of coffee with my brother. Then we'll see about the trampoline.

Marius and Corinna enjoying a sunset on the roof terrace of our Bed and Breakfast in the Algarve

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