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Algarve Facts - Faro District

09-09-2011 posted by O Tartufo
This blog is written for those amongst you who wish to have a bit more information about the Algarve in south Portugal. The algarve is a region in the south of Portugal and since 1976 it is officially called the district of Faro

Guests at our B&B often ask us about our region and because we didn't live here for a long time in the beginning of 2011 we did not always have the answers. But, with a bit of searching and asking around you can learn quickly. And of course we want to share this with you, who doesn't like a few facts and tidbits? There we go!!

Algarve Facts
District Capital: Faro
Inhabitants  Algarve: 450.484 (2011)
Surface area: 5.412 km2
Inhabitants per km2: 83
Highest Mountain: Fóia (902 metres)
Time zone: GMT (+0) Just like England
Country Code: +351
Climate: Mediterranean climate with average temperatures of 28 degrees in July and August and 16 degrees in the coldest months January and February. The seawater around Faro is on average 20 degrees in summer. 
Hours of sun per year: +- 3000
Flora in the Algarve: Figs trees, Orange trees, Oleander, Cork trees, Lemon trees, Cactus, Almond trees, Palm trees, Pine trees
Fauna in the Algarve: Chameleon, Flamingo, Stork, Lizard (Lots of geckos)
Typical dishes: Sardinhas Assadas (sardines from the grill), Frango Assado com piri-piri (Grilled chicken pii-piri style), Cataplana (fish dish served in a traditional copper pan, the cataplana)
Popular drinks: Vinho Verde (Young fresh white wine, made in the north of Portugal but popular in the warm south), Aquardente de Medronhos (strong liqueur, fruit brandy)
Maximum speeds: Urban, built-up area: 50 km/h,
Outside built-up areas: 90 km/h,
Freeway: 100 km/h,
Highway: 120 km/h
Maximum permitted alcohol level: BAC of 0.05
Fuel: Gasoline and diesel are widely available. LPG is limited. Hours stations: between 07.00 o’clock and 22.00 o’clock

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