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Things I never thought I would say

19-10-2011 posted by O Tartufo

‘Honey, I'm going to trim the palm tree’ is one of the things I never thought I would say. Since we have started our Bed and Breakfast in Portugal there are a number of those phrases and I think I like them all. Of course, almost every one of them is connected to a new chore or small job we have to do here in and around our Portuguese Quinta, but that does not seem to matter.

Somehow all of this has not sunk in yet. How did we go in one year from living in Spain and having normal jobs to being the owners of a B&B in the south of Portugal? It is still surreal, but we are loving every minute of it. Our first year has been amazing. We have started with our renovation and received our first guests (thank you Mr. and Mrs. Lorenz!) on the 26th of March. Of course, they breathed in a bit of settling building dust, but hey, their room was squeaky clean! smiley

After mid April all seven rooms and one apartment where ready and we could start receiving more guests. It has been a roller coaster ride since. We will find a way to thank all our guests personally, but let’s start by saying ‘thank you!’ now. Many of our guests have helped us during our first year. Some with helpful tips, others by simply pointing out that the weed we where about to pull was a beautiful plant. Still others actually went as far as sending us amazing gifts for the decoration of O Tartufo. Mosaics from abroad and shells they have decorated after finding them on a beach in the Algarve. Also through our guests we have discovered many beautiful places in our surroundings like in Tavira, Moncarapacho, Fuseta, Olhão, Loulé and Faro.

Now we are nearing November and we can look back on a first year that has been mostly fun. Hard work? Yes, but mostly fun!!
 Here are a few of our favourite new phrases:
‘Let’s clean the fountain today’,
‘Woohoo, I can water 50% percent of the garden from this chair!’,
‘I never knew that trimming a Bougainvillea could leave you bleeding’,

and: ‘I am climbing up the roof to clean the solar panels’ is up there with my favourites.


Cleaning the Solar Panels on the roof of our B&B in the south of Portugal

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