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Michelle's cooking philosophy

Healthy and varied nutrition is important to everyone, but giving it your top priority is not always easy. I truly believe that meals created with organic ingredients are tastier and also improve your health because there are fewer pesticides that can slowly weaken you in the long term. The rich flavours of organic fruit and vegetables cannot be compared to the flavours of regular fruit and vegetables from your larger supermarkets. Organic fruit and vegetables have a more complex and intense flavour profile.


This philosophy fits perfectly during retreats where the focus is on the well-being of body and mind. When nutritious, balanced, and organic ingredients are used in preparing the meals, the participants of a retreat truly notice the difference. Everyone will have more energy, bowel movements improve and skin will look more radiant. To accomplish this, I always buy as much as possible from the local organic farm and for other produce such as beans, rice, pasta and grains I go to a specialized Portuguese organic supermarket.


My dishes are always fresh and homemade and seldom overly complex. I'm looking for a good balance between healthy and tasty. I vary a lot and rarely make the same dish twice, this helps me stay creative and means i automatically cook with the seasons. If you join me, you can expect a table full of beautiful, balanced and colorful dishes that, in addition to being healthy, also taste delicious!

Have a look at my website Flavours of Michelle

Private Chef Experience

Michelle is a private chef and is available to cook during retreats. She is proud to have been the chef at retreats with Seeds of Silence in Quelfes, Oásis Azul in Moncarapacho, and Casa Fuzetta in Olhão. 

Michelle is also available to cook for you and your family and friends here at O Tartufo or on location. She specializes in fully organic, balanced and healthy vegetarian and vegan cuisine.

For small groups (6-14 guests) Michelle offers lunches and dinners in a romantic atmosphere. If you are looking for a special location to have a lovely afternoon or evening this is the place to be!

When at O Tartufo you can expect beautiful decorations, organic vegetarian and local ingredients served with much love and attention.


When possible you will sit outside in the magical and shady garden or on the romantic courtyard. When the temperatures drop it is lovely inside our beautifully renovated Portuguese Quinta.

Please contact Michelle for more information or to make an appointment to come and meet her at this creative space first 🤍

As Mentioned In:

Michelle was recently named one of 6 Vegetarian Restaurants in the East Algarve you should definitely visit. You can read the full article to the right. As it is written in Dutch, we wanted to share a translation for you: 

"Would you like a completely new experience at a special venue? Then go for Michelle's Private Chef Experience at O Tartufo in a beautiful rural setting near Moncarapacho.

For small groups, she prepares delicious healthy vegetarian private lunches and dinners with local and organic ingredients with great love and attention. With good weather you can eat outside in the magical and shady garden or on the romantic courtyard. If it is a bit cooler, you can sit comfortably inside by the fireplace in the attractively renovated old Portuguese Quinta.

My lunch consisted of a homemade sourdough bread with delicious parsley pesto and a tahini leek dip for starters. The main course was a chickpea pancake with many flavors such as tahini, parsley, red pepper, lemon, chia seeds, capers along with spiced rice and coleslaw.


For dessert, a delicious vegan chocolate cake with a red currant coulis and a glass of port."

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