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Welcome to our Creative Space

We are a creative hub in the Eastern Algarve. We offer a great variety in services and are based in a beautiful old quinta.

If you would like to book a vegetarian lunch or dinner in an inspiring and beautiful setting, please contact us and we will let you know what we can offer you! 


We offer therapists a workspace to receive and help their clients in an environment that is more suiting to healing than your average clinical therapy space.

Other services include offering assistance to people who are emigrating to Portugal. The very first steps in finding your dream home can be defining for your experience in a new country.

And if things get complicated in life, there is always the opportunity to receive some personal coaching during nature walks or right here at our creative space near Moncarapacho.



Michelle is a Private Chef who loves to share her passion for healthy vegetarian and vegan cuisine. She is often working as a chef during yoga retreats, and is now also hosting dinners at our own space for any small group that is interested!

At O Tartufo, Michelle offers lunches and dinners for small groups in a beautiful atmosphere. If you are looking for a special location to have a lovely afternoon or evening, look no further. Note that cooking at the location of your choice is also an option.


Amazing at night

Decorated with love



Theo offers Personal Coaching.

In various sessions we will create pathways toward improved capacity for wellbeing, productivity, and goal attainment. 

Therapy Spaces

Therapy Spaces

If you are looking for a therapy space in a tranquil and healing environment, then we have the perfect therapy space for you. Comprising of 4 different rooms, Creative Space O Tartufo can be the perfect setting for you and your clients. Welcome your clients in our beautiful garden and continue your therapy in the calming atmosphere that our quinta offers.

Expat Advice

Let us help you with your situation,

whether it is right at the start of your adventure here in the Algarve,

or if you are stuck after a few years of trying to go at it alone. 

Expat Advice
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